Babywearing is important for your baby’s health!

Strollers, Baby Carriers and Infant Stress is a great blog with lots of details and scientific facts about why babywearing and baby holding – in the correct positions – are so important for your baby! This is a subject close to my heart.  After having five children my opportunity of holding, wearing and carrying my babies […]

The Priority of Babywearing

I discovered a great post every parent and grandparent should read…So I had to share it! Imagine if every baby had the wonderful opportunity of being carried all the time… And how healing would it be for every adult who was involved in carrying the wondrous creations we are blessed with! “If You Hold That […]

Benefits of Babywearing

There is a great blog by Dr Sears on the benefits of babywearing. Dr Sears provides lots of facts and figures and background information under each point, and the article is well worth reading. For those of you who just want the bottom line facts, here they are… 1. Sling babies cry less 2. Sling […]