Babywearing is important for your baby’s health!

Strollers, Baby Carriers and Infant Stress is a great blog with lots of details and scientific facts about why babywearing and baby holding – in the correct positions – are so important for your baby!

This is a subject close to my heart.  After having five children my opportunity of holding, wearing and carrying my babies is over!  I can’t go back and hold them more.  I didn’t have the wonderful long pieces of fabric to tie around your body to perfectly hold baby with very little stress on my back and shoulders.  When my first babies were born the main baby carrier available and well known was the Snugli, but I could only comfortably wear it when they were under 5 kg.  Also, it was very uncomfortable when baby fell asleep in it and all you could think about was getting it and baby off!

I saw a ring sling when my third baby was born.  I was amazed and quickly found a sling to be a great benefit and used it for a long time.  I kept the sling I had made and used it with my 4th and 5th babies too.  However, I did have some neck problems and found it harder to use with my 5th baby.

When I first saw a long BabyWrap I was amazed.  It took me awhile to figure it out, but now I am an avid proponent and eager to explain how to use it to anyone who wants to know!  I had the awesome privilege of being able to experiment with it and wear my first grandchild a few times.  It was delightful!  Wearing a baby is such a wonderful way of bonding with them and I am so thankful that my son and his wife  allowed me the thrill!

Unfortunately my son, his wife and my granddaughter have moved to another continent where they are expecting their 2nd baby.  I am sad that I won’t have the same opportunity of bonding through wearing with this baby.  However, I have been experimenting with a slightly modified concept of the long BabyWrap.  I have sent a mini BabyWrap to my two dauther’s in-law.  I made a demonstration video to help them figure out how to use it.  I am looking forward to their feedback on how it works.  I have tried it with a few moms and babies and find such joy and satisfaction in helping moms – and dads – with a comfortable way of meeting their babies need to be carried!

So enjoy this very short stage of life – carry your babies – you will not regret it!


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