Natural Hair Products

I learned something amazing that has the potential to save my family a lot of money.  I only wish I had learned this much much sooner!  My daughter-in-law alerted me to this great blog that tells you how to make your own natural shampoos at home.  My daughter-in-law was able to make a shampoo and a conditioner using ingredients she had at home AND she said her hair hadn’t felt so good in a long time!  As a bonus, it is much less stress and strain on the environment to use these safe and natural and INEXPENSIVE ingredients!!!

So what are we all doing wasting the world and our own resources by buying the brands we’ve been marketed for sooo long????

The commercials aren’t actually true! The models in the commercial doesn’t even use the hair product she is modeling!  My daughter’s have been involved in a variety of commercials over the years and one of the main benefits has been that it has opened their eyes to the fact that the story told in every commercial is just a fictitious story designed to impress and inspire you to buy their product so that they can increase their profits.

I can’t wait to try this simple idea and am looking forward to running out of my current shampoo and condition!



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