Let’s Help Dr Nils Bergman with his Maternity Clinic Application!

This is URGENT.  Jill Bergman explains in her letter below that she needs responses in writing before 16 November!  Thanks for your help.  This will be beneficial to everyone in Cape Town, South Africa.

Dr Nils Bergmans Nino Clinic Application


How would you like to give birth in a home-like environment with all the comforts you wish for, but knowing that a doctor can be called if needed and a theatre provided immediately in case of an emergency, or if your baby was to require any hospital care? How would you like to have all that in your very own room where you can spend all day and all night with your baby?

Dr Nils Bergman has applied for a licence to build exactly such a private maternity hospital in Cape Town – to be called the NINO Clinic. NINO stands for Neuroscience for Improved Neonatal Outcomes: this will be based on the latest science and up to date best practice. Dr Bergman lectures all over the world on this topic (see www.skintoskincontact.com and www.kangaroomothercare.com)

The Provincial Minister of Health makes the decision, and needs to know that this really is wanted! We are asking for your letter of support!

The NINO CLINIC would:

-be a midwife-led birthing clinic supporting Natural Birth with active labour and doula support, that will empower mothers to experience birth as a natural part of life and not a hospital procedure.

-have full back-up secondary level obstetric support and theatre should an emergency caesarean be needed-without the frantic late referral to a hospital with worse outcomes.

-have a special focus on improved neonatal outcomes by keeping mother and baby together at all times- so avoiding toxic stress of separation; by adding kangaroo mother care, we call this Kangaroula support!

-for premature or low birth weight babies, feeling SAFE on Mothers chest is the place of care with all necessary technology added and specialist paediatrician care.

-provide all needed care to mother and newborn in the same room, with space for family as well.

-support self-attachment and breastfeeding, bonding and attachment for Improved Neonatal Outcomes Support and empower new parents in their early parenting.

-provide all needed health professional services in one place, for antenatal and postnatal needs.

-be affordable – with hospital facility costs half that of the private sector; (all medical professional fees paid in addition).

-be provided with tiered fee structure (budget, and upmarket choice for bigger rooms).

Your letter of support for the granting of the licence will be important: and we will need it if at all possible before the 16th November 2012 – sorry for the short notice!

Please include in your letter of support:

  • Your name, and interest in this proposed NINO Clinic,
  • Any reasons why you think there is a need for what we have described above,
  • Your feelings toward it and your statement of support.

Please email your letter to myself, Jill Bergman . It can be a pdf or other scan, or simply a plain email. Signed copies posted before 12th November can be sent to

Minister of Health

c/o Jill Bergman,

8 Francis Road,

Pinelands 7405.

Many thanks,

Jill Bergman for the NINO FOUNDATION


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