Benefits of Babywearing

There is a great blog by Dr Sears on the benefits of babywearing.

Dr Sears provides lots of facts and figures and background information under each point, and the article is well worth reading. For those of you who just want the bottom line facts, here they are…
1. Sling babies cry less
2. Sling babies learn more
3. Sling babies are more organized
4. Sling babies get ‘humanized’ earlier
5. Sling babies are smarter

I guess you don’t actually need a sling – you could just hold and carry your baby in your arms. However, a convenient baby carrier or babywrap makes it a lot more comfortable and easier for the parents to give baby the benefits of holding while enabling them to do some other things at the same time!

Safely carrying our babies in a comfy wrap meets both our baby’s needs and our needs!

Babywearing International summarizes the benefits (with full references) of babywearing like this:
• Happy babies
• Healthy Babies
• Confident Parents
• Loving Caregivers
• Comfort and Convenience

I was so fortunate to be introduced to a babywrap when my first granddaughter was born.  I loved being able to carry her close to me in such a comfortable way.  It truly is a fantastic way to bond with your grandchildren.  As both of my daughter-in-laws are now pregnant, I have eagerly made new babywraps that are just as comfortable but even easier to use.  I only wish my two new grandbabies were going to be close so that I would have the opportunity of wearing them and bonding in this special way.  Alas they are a continent away, so I have made this video to show my daughter-in-laws how to use this new babywrap.

So what are you waiting for? Wear your baby more often starting today!

For further information see:

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