A daughter added to our family!

We have had a wonderful day watching Matt & Rachel exchange their vows of commitment for their life together. It was a very small intimate gathering, mainly with immediate family members. Rachel looked gorgeous in her wedding gown. Dr Fowler from Liberty University, their former teacher, mentor and friend, performed the ceremony. Rachel and Matt wrote their own vows and read them to each other with heartfelt emotion! It was a tribute to each of their commitment to Jesus Christ and to each other.

Matt & Rachel are off on a 2 day getaway to a real nice place in Monticello, Virginia – home of Thomas Jefferson. Their friends will be joining them on Saturday afternoon for a celebratory reception.

Today was quite cold – making the picture taking a challenge, but the forecast for the weekend is much warmer!

We are happy to welcome Rachel into the Hastings family and we look forward to seeing how God will bless their life together.


2 thoughts on “A daughter added to our family!

  1. the outside photos were taken at Rachel’s grandmother’s house – in her ‘backyard’. AJ has some brilliant equipment and is a creative photographer!

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